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happy things happy thing happy things nothing else happened but happy things

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リヴァジャン3+α by キリハルホ

The That’s-Not-How-Tennis-Works Photoset


The That’s-Not-How-Tennis-Works Photoset

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I recieved some KikuFuji doujinshi today! I’m so happy! I don’t care it is in Japanese because it is awesome (and my OTP - for why else I would buy dj?)

OMG my POT OTP! :D And you actually have some of those I never had the chance to look at or read because most of their dj scans are deleted already… ;A; I love Aogiri Makoto’s DJs the most… <3

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Source: ジャン右に雑多に [Bookmark & Rate/10] / Artist: hiya (Translated by: JeanSquad)
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OMFG. The thing that Shizaya does to my heart! I’ve been on a break from the fandom and the ship for almost a year now… but the impact of this ship is so strong to me… whenever I have needed a character for my imagination from a different ship, they always make an appearance lol…

and what the heck I haven’t even finished watching the anime (it’s been so long since I first tried to watch it) yet and have only read one chapter of the novel… I got every knowledge I have of Izaya and Shizuo from fans and wiki and whatever lol… XD

I bet I’m speaking for anyone who reads Sekaiichi Hatsukoi about their reaction in this particular scene! Like WTF? NOOOOOO! G*DD*MNIT! TAKANO HAVE SOME SELF CONTROL YOU BASTARD He was about to say it! ‘I love you’? ‘I like you’? OMFG I nearly broke my note from screeching and banging my head in it…

that was frustrating…

Oh this is not healthy…


About two weeks ago I started reading Beelzebub. I finally caught up today only to find out that the chapter released yesterday WAS THE LAST FUCKING CHAPTER! Why did it have to end?

i know that feels


Jean going 30 years old by アコ
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ゴール下の安定感 by 88
ゴール下の安定感 by 88




So let me get this straight:

-Oga leaves just with Hilda and Beel for SIX months

-Beel comes back saying his second word ever

-the second word turns out to be a nickname for furuichi only Oga uses.

…guys, just how much did Oga speak about Furuichi during those months and how much did the two miss Furuichi to make that (and not some variation of “Hilda” or “mommy”) his second word ever??


But can you imagine when Beel first starts trying to say it, all he can manage is “Fu” then “Furu”, at which point Oga realises what Beel is trying to say so starts coaching him in “Furuchin” only.

They sit around after dinner just repeating “Fu-ru-chi-nnnn” and Oga is so happy when Beel finally nails it, and Hilda has been watching the whole thing in growing horror (and a bit of jealousy and misery because Beel still cant say her name) she’s so conflicted because on the one hand, her master has learned a new word and she is so proud, but on the other the word ‘Furuchin’.

So Beel just toddles around saying “Dada” and “Furuchin” and it makes Oga so happy even though he doesnt even realise why, but all Beel knows is that Dada is happy when ever Beel says “Furuchin” so he says it all the time, and when they return to Ishiyama, Beel is really happy to see Furuichi because he knows Oga will be happy

omg the fluff-fics write themselves I wish I wasnt to busy to write TT,TT

hnnnng, yes perfect headcanon accepted!

and then the fanfiction ensues… #please

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Trust exercises with Commander Creepy.

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