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all aboard the feels train, yall

a short little erejean comic requested by incredibly demanding cloudboat (lul jk ilu bby), who somehow finds the best erejean things for me to work on. meaning most feelingsy.


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why the hell are my vision suddenly blurry

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Tsukki realizing how much of a shit friend he’s been to yamaguchi and trying his absolute best to make up for it
Tsukishima encouraging yamaguchi to talk and open up, actually listening to what he has to say
Yamaguchi being a little surprised at first but quickly realizing how much better this is because they’re communicating as equals and he’s no longer an afterthought and he can see tsukki struggling sometimes with how not to be a dick and helps him out here and there
And tsukki’s actually appreciative and never shuts him down and always tries to say thank you in some way even if he hates the advice because he understands that yamaguchi’s fucking fantastic for putting up with him
AND because of all this mutual respect they’ve got going on, yamaguchi’s self confidence grows and tsukki can see the change and is really supportive
And they both understand how uncool their ‘friendship’ was before and neither of them wants that again so instead they help keep one another on track and provide support/give advice when it’s needed and their relationship becomes 100% healthier and more fulfilling than before

omfg i thought this was cannon

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I can die happy now. *A*

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Hey guys, I apologize for my lack of explanation about the fanfiction, but it’s been a few years since I’ve been in the KakaIru searches. But for some reason, I’m being pulled in the ship again… And I’m trying to read and re-read some fanfictions. Anyway, here goes:

Tsunade died and Kakashi became the next Hokage. Iruka became Kakashi’s attendant. Kakashi’s dogs are fond of Iruka. The elder of Konoha does not like Kakashi’s relationship with Iruka.

Alright, that’s the only thing I can remember. I’m sorry~

Oh and can the KakaIru fandom recommend me the fanfiction you love? Multi-chaptered or atleast a long read… Preferably a fiction that is not always recommended, because I might have read them already before… :D

Thank you~ | ?



happy things happy thing happy things nothing else happened but happy things

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リヴァジャン3+α by キリハルホ

The That’s-Not-How-Tennis-Works Photoset


The That’s-Not-How-Tennis-Works Photoset

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I recieved some KikuFuji doujinshi today! I’m so happy! I don’t care it is in Japanese because it is awesome (and my OTP - for why else I would buy dj?)

OMG my POT OTP! :D And you actually have some of those I never had the chance to look at or read because most of their dj scans are deleted already… ;A; I love Aogiri Makoto’s DJs the most… <3

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Source: ジャン右に雑多に [Bookmark & Rate/10] / Artist: hiya (Translated by: JeanSquad)
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OMFG. The thing that Shizaya does to my heart! I’ve been on a break from the fandom and the ship for almost a year now… but the impact of this ship is so strong to me… whenever I have needed a character for my imagination from a different ship, they always make an appearance lol…

and what the heck I haven’t even finished watching the anime (it’s been so long since I first tried to watch it) yet and have only read one chapter of the novel… I got every knowledge I have of Izaya and Shizuo from fans and wiki and whatever lol… XD